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Adult Travel Sand Free Towels

Adult Travel Sand Free Towels

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Velvet towels are unique as sand does not stick to its surface due to the fabric being flat without any loops, unlike cotton towels that will grab hold of everything. Once the towel has dried, simply give it a good shake and any unwanted sand will effortlessly fall off.

Our Sand-Free velvet towels are a fantastic solution for beachgoers who want to avoid unwanted sand. They absorb more than double their weight in water and they dry 4 times faster than standard cotton towels.

Though these towels measure 160X90cm they can be rolled up to the size of a water bottle and weigh under 300 grams. This makes our towels a perfect fit for anyone looking to save space and weight in their beach bag, caravan, or suitcase. Don’t let big and bulky towels weigh you down.

The convenient hanging loop makes it easy to hang your towel anywhere to dry. With their Sand-Free and quick-drying properties, they can be used multiple times before needing to be washed. Ideal for camping, caravanning, travel or everyday use at home.

Product Description

Size 160 X 90cm

  • Sand-free surface, no more sandy towels
  • 16 plastic bottles in each towel
  • Dries 4 times faster than cotton towels
  • Absorbs more than double its weight in water
  • Odor-resistant and won't collect damp smells
  • Compact and lightweight, rolls up to the size of a small water bottle
  • Hidden zip pocket for keys, sunglasses, and a handy pouch included
  • Eco-friendly “helping to save the planet 1 towel at a time”
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